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What is a B Corp?

A B Corporation is a business that has been certified by the independent B Lab to meet rigorous benchmarks of social, environmental, accountability, and transparency standards. A B Corporation is an appraisal of the entire company and its practices including worker engagement, community involvement, environmental footprint, governance structure, and customer relations.

The latest trend to join the club of responsible companies is becoming a B Corporation. It is a movement born in 2006 in the United States, which certifies those companies that aim to improve society.

This certificate guarantees organizational sustainability and commits the company to voluntarily comply with high social and environmental performance, in addition of making commitments of transparency and social impact measurement.

In LifeElevated we can help you get this certificate to your company, we offer B Corp Consulting Services focused on imbedding B Corp sustainability programs/certification criteria into the organizational culture.

Solidify your mission

The goal of Certified B Corporation is to push companies to redefine business success so that they become the best for the world, not the best in the world.

Benefits B Corp Certification Life Elevated

Benefits of Becoming a B Corp

Becoming a B Corp provides many benefits to a company aside from marketing sustainability practices. Some of the immediate advantages include:
Protecting a company’s mission for the long-term.
Joining a global community of future-focused leaders.
Organically attracting top talent from the workforce pools.
Setting new and improved benchmarking and performance goals.
Creating positive press and brand awareness.
Building increased trust and transparency with consumer populations.

Sustainability Program Consulting

In LifeElevated we help you create a Sustainability Program that fits the DNA of your business.

Want to Become a Certified B Corp?

Have you decided that certifying as a B Corp is the next step for your business growth? Congratulations! The B Corp Certification is an excellent way to showcase your commitment to sustainably and plant protection. Your company needs to hit a minimum score of 80 in the B Lab Assessment to be become a certified B Corp. Do not fret! With a little planning and prep work, the process will flow smoothly.

In order to be certified as a B Corp, each company completes a B Impact Assessment and is then scored against other businesses that have taken the assessment.The company then gets an Overall B Impact Score, which is broken down into different categories: Governance, Workers, Community, and Environment. This isn’t a one-time certification though, companies can re-take the Impact Assessment year after year.

In LifeElevated we offer consulting services focused on imbedding B Corp sustainability programs/certification criteria into the organizational culture and we can guide you with all the entire process:

Initial Certification

Taking on the B Corp certification is a badge of honor. You have committed to working towards a better future through a triple bottom line. At this point, you need to create a plan to implement the B Corp ways into you business to keep up the continuous improvement guiding your charter. Removing obstacles from your path is what LifeElevated is all about, streamlining your certification process. Your business requires your full attention and LifeElevated can keep you running the business end of your enterprise during initial certification or re-certification. 

Leveraging your culture is a critical success area for hitting your B Corp target mark the very first time. LifeElevated can add the extra “bandwidth” to you business and ensure that your organization gets the needed buy-in to succeed. LifeElevated’s service packages can simply provide you with the information needed to move forward all the way up to handling the entire certification process.

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    B Corp Services Life Elevated
    B Corp Services Life Elevated


    So you have hit your re-certification period?! Great! Another opportunity to take a look at your organization and move the needle a bit closer to your vision! Which elements of your charter do you need to improve? Governance, Workers, Environment, and/or Customers? What does your new B Impact Score need to be? Organizational development can ease the process of improving your charter past the low hanging fruit elements of the certification process. LifeElevated can help you take the goals that may have been a bit out of reach and turn them into manageable, measurable, and actionable steps to meet your charter process.

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      Continued B Corp 
      Organizational Development

      Feeling stuck with your current sustainability efforts but are not quite ready to certify or re-certify? Have you found yourself in a situation where the perceived benefits of change do not outweigh the gains? It is time for an organizational overhaul! LifeElevated can provide the needed expertise to give your organization the boost it needs to hit next level performances! Sustainability coordinators are a great way to bridge the gap while you wait for the right time to become a B Corp. You can still make a big impact on the people, the planet, and your profits before a formal certification. A resilient sustainability program is built upon a good foundation! 

      Set yourself up for success by contacting LifeElevated NOW!

      B Corp Services Life Elevated

      Building a sustainable business from the ground up is much easier than changing larger organizational structures or adding a sustainability position alone.

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