Culture Assessments

A well-aligned culture reduces uncertainties. An outside perspective can provide needed clarity

Culture plays a big part in your company’s productivity and success, even if you can’t point to the source of said culture! Do you recognize the positive results that come with putting culture first? Understanding your company’s culture is key to moving your business forward, and if you’re not treating it as a major component of your company’s success, it can easily fall to the wayside

Choosing to undergo a culture assessment with LifeElevated will give you an accurate, outside perspective of your culture, and allow you to identify the core values of your business and team. LifeElevated will help you create the culture your team needs to be its most productive and performative. Once your culture is properly aligned, lasting results will include higher profitability, improved employee retention, and overall make your company a better place to work.

Culture is at the core of your organization. Enlist LifeElevated to perform a culture assessment, which will:


  • Research the most current conditions influencing your industry to build an introductory report for your team, which identifies and synthesizes like organizations failures and successes.
  • Evaluate your organization’s need for cultural transformation through validated cultural assessment tools, crafting a current climate picture.
  • Evaluate your team to understand the organizational capacity for change and collect human capital for creativity and innovation.
  • Survey every member of your organization to determine the ideal culture profile, and understand barriers to culture change.
  • Produce reports for your key leaders and stakeholders showing current influences on organizational culture, and identifying factors that call for transformation.
  • Assist in pinpointing employees who will serve as cultural change facilitators and/or managers, mentoring them throughout the process.
  • Organize a community outreach event to help establish your company’s corporate social responsibility.
  • Create a dynamic feedback process to review, evaluate, and assess effectiveness to solidify the culture, optimize organizational performance, and ensure employee happiness.
  • Prepare your team to become a learning organization that is equipped to tackle future challenges!

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