Think you’re too small for a B Corp Certification? Think again!

Studies have shown that building a sustainable business getting a B Corp Certification from the ground up is much easier than changing larger organizational structures or adding a sustainability position alone.

B Corp Certification for Small Business

So, you’re a brand-new company and want a B Corp certification, but don’t think you meet the requirements? No problem! The B Lab has your back— in the form of a Pending B Corp Certification! Obtaining a Pending B Corp status gives you access to the thousands of other sustainably minded companies in the B network, gives you rights to the Pending B Corp logo, and demonstrates a firm stance of governance. After 12 months, the B Lab will require you to go through the full B Corp certification process. But you will be ready! No matter how small or new your company may be, there are options available to meet your strategic goals!

I commonly received calls and emails from clients who are start-ups or looking to form new companies. Early-stage companies and start-ups can still harvest the benefits of a B Corp certification in their infancy. Studies have shown that building a sustainable business from the ground up is much easier than changing larger organizational structures or adding a sustainability position alone1. Value creation has undoubtedly changed for 21st-century companies. Consumers are not only buying products that align with their values—they are joining companies that focus on those values as well. A report published by 1% for the Planet found that 50% of millennials were willing to take a pay cut to find a job that would match their values2. That is a whole new level of commitment!

Responsible companies are seeking revolutionary performers. If you have or want an impact-driven organization, a Pending B Corp certification could help you meet your goals. Making an early commitment by leveraging sustainability can send positive signals to potential employees, customers, stakeholders, board advisors, clients, and investors.

To receive a Pending B Corp certification, an entity generally has to:


Meet the legal requirements for a B Corp Certification.


Complete and submit a B Impact Assessment.


Pay a one-time fee ($500) and sign the Pending B Corp Status Agreement.

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B Corp Certification Small Business


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